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Online breakout Games
Play MLL Breaker Gallery: FlowersMLL Breaker Gallery: Flowers Game

Plays: 2094
Category: Action
Marylou Lynn's great photography sets the background for a classic coffee-break block breaking game. Beat each level to unlock a new photo. This gallery features her work with flowers.
Play Penguin Pop QuattroPenguin Pop Quattro Game

Plays: 2086
Category: Action
Penguin Pop Quattro challenges you to control four separate paddles simultaneously while bouncing a ball off of little penguins.
Play Platform PongPlatform Pong Game

Plays: 2079
Category: Action
Platforming mixed with breakout. What more can you ask for?
Play BounceBounce Game

Plays: 2076
Category: Action
Bounce is an old school action game that is like Breakout without the bricks, or Pong without the opponent and an irregular ball.
Play AmberAmber Game

Plays: 2076
Category: Action
Breakout, with falling blocks that you have to shoot.
Play brikaflashbrikaflash Game

Plays: 2073
Category: Other
retro breakout,

Plays: 2073
Category: Action
A fun variation of the classic breakout. Destroy all the bricks and get access to the next level. Use the MOUSE to move. Good luck! Tips and help: Another game by
Play The Last OneThe Last One Game

Plays: 2071
Category: Action
Space Invaders meets Breakout! Bounce back the balls, avoid the red lasers and compete for the high score. Build improvements and defences between waves.
Play Oasis Cash BrikOasis Cash Brik Game

Plays: 2067
Category: Action
an Adventure game breakout, play and win money to the son of a chapter, will give you the money to buy your next chapters, the more you earned money in EVERY lower levels you will go far, hey expensive player, if you lose during the game your money will not count, by the way you will reap the fruits for fun, then combined into up to be the king of this breakout. Chapter 6 and 24 levels and 3 bonus specials, combo shot, fire tornado, directional sliding challenge awaits you.
Play PokanoidPokanoid Game

Plays: 1984
Category: Action
Pokanoid combines video-poker with breakout to give you endless hours of fun. Grab bonuses and multipliers as you collect poker hands and become a true high-roller. Like what you see, download Pokanoid Deluxe for Android Phones from Android Market!
Play Breakout!Breakout! Game

Plays: 1954
Category: Action
It's time to break free, by breaking the law again!
Play Brick GalaxyBrick Galaxy Game

Plays: 1947
Category: Puzzles
Building blocks are what put life together, but what happens when those blocks are smashed into little pieces … In Brick Galaxy, players take on the role of an orbital defense platform, assigned to repel all foreign objects from colliding into and breaking apart the planet Earth. Use the arrow keys to fire maneuvering jets that allow you to intercept and redirect all manner of objects from hitting the planet below and send them back to where they came from.
Play ReflexIONReflexION Game

Plays: 1944
Category: Puzzles
ReflexION is a combination of breakout and top-down shooters, with intuitive controls, unique style and great effects. Features 10 levels, upgrade tree, storyline and achievements.
Play Gummy Pop 2Gummy Pop 2 Game

Plays: 1935
Category: Action
Gummy Pop 2. Control 2 paddles at once while trying to pop all the candy bears!
Play PowerPadPowerPad Game

Plays: 1926
Category: Action
This is remake of classical game ‘Breakout’
Play Space OutSpace Out Game

Plays: 1926
Category: Action
Defend the planet from alien invaders in the old fashioned breakout style!
Play Breakout ChallengeBreakout Challenge Game

Plays: 1878
Category: BoardGame
Break the bricks at different levels and collect the points. Control the movable paddle with your left and right arrow key. Don't let a ball touch the bottom of the screen or you will loose a life.
Play Brick BreakerBrick Breaker Game

Plays: 1872
Category: Puzzles
It's like old-fasion "Breakout"
Play BreakOut ClassicBreakOut Classic Game

Plays: 1848
Category: Action
Move your paddle with you mouse and try to destroy all bricks, avoiding bombs and getting target shot and hearts!
Play Bathroom BreakoutBathroom Breakout Game

Plays: 1846
Category: Puzzles
You awake in a strange bathroom. You have an eery feeling that you are not alone. Escape as soon as you can before it is too late.

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